The Voice People
London | 0207 205 2405

The Voice People
London | 0207 205 2405

Candice Palladino

She/Her, 20-30, American, Upbeat, Energetic, Cheery


A Bit About Me

Candice is originally from New York, and is now a dual citizen living in London & the Cotswolds. Trained in Musical Theatre (performing arts high school, BFA NYU Tisch, MA RCS), she started working in the voiceover and screen world several years ago.

Highlights in her voiceover work are voicing four international commercials for TRESemmé Hair Care in the USA and Canada, voicing a USA commercial for Wonderbly books, and starring in the upcoming, new, groundbreaking video game “Unknown Number” by Godolphin Games.



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Her, She

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Cheery, Energetic, Upbeat